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The production of Elektrim Motors is based on meeting the needs and ensuring the contentment of customers.
Our esteemed motors are expertly designed in Europe and professionally assembled in Singapore.

Single Phase Motors

SGD 274.00

Colour: Blue
The Single Phase series of motors are equipped with either a single or dual capacitor. These motors are created with high-quality materials and adhere to IEC standards. They offer dependable operation, good performance, and safety, and are ideal for low voltage applications. This series of motors is well-suited for use in air compressors, industrial fans and blowers, and various other small machinery.

Frame Size: EM56 – EM112
MY Series Single Capacitor
ML Series Double Capacitor
Pole: 2P, 4P
Efficiency: IE1
Voltage: 220V-230V
Frequency: 50Hz
Protection: IP55
Insulation: Class F
Running Duty: S1 Continuous Running