Elektrim Techtop Motors Pte Ltd.

About Us

Established in 1981 as Elektrim Motors & Machinery Pte Ltd, our company has emerged as a prominent powerhouse in the motor industry over the last four decades. We have built a strong regional presence across more than 10 Asian countries, with branch offices situated in the East and West of Malaysia, as well as in the North and South of Vietnam, and we have formed partnerships with agents and distributors across the rest of the region. Our customers’ needs are always well attended to.

Situated in Singapore, our Regional Headquarters covers an expansive area of 50,000 square feet and maintains an inventory valued at over S$3 million to cater to the needs of our customers. Our extensive product line includes 14 types of AC motors that adhere to both IEC or NEMA standards, suitable for various industries.

Our brand is the No. 1 specialized brand in in supplying electric motors to various industries such as the Palm Oil Industry, Water & Oil Pump, Fire Pump, and Quarry Mining. Our brand is well recognized and trusted in sectors like Rubber Machinery, Industrial Fan, Marine & Offshore Engineering, Agricultural, Buildings, Cement and particularly among OEM production.

Elektrim Techtop Motors Pte Ltd.

All types of IEC Standard and AC Electric Motors

We strive to be the driving force behind every machine. All our motors are manufactured in our factories and regulated through stringent quality checks before delivery to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Our goal is to consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by crafting each Elektrim Motor with precision and care, ensuring the highest quality possible.

Elektrim Techtop Motors Pte Ltd.

Shanghai Techtop

Our collaboration with Shanghai Techtop was a move to further strengthen our reach to a worldwide customer base and enhance our customer service on an international level. Shanghai Techtop, the leading and largest motor exporter in China, was founded in 1986 and has strong 37 year expertise in the electric motor industry.

Techtop has established itself as a world-renowned motor manufacturer with 10 jointly-owned companies in Europe, the USA, Canada, the Middle East, and Australia. Techtop has developed a strong 97% turnover in overseas exports, with their main clientele coming from the European and American markets. They are the No. 1 most established and reputable Asian brand in the European market. Techtop is a recognized leader in the electric motor industry, with a strong global network on 5 different continents.

Techtop factories are also the first company in China to fully implement 100% robotic automation in the manufacturing of high-quality motor components. Our goal is to lead the industry in a new direction using cutting-edge technology. Our customers stand to gain immensely from this initiative, as it eradicates human errors and ensures consistent delivery times to effectively fulfill their requirements and expectations.

Elektrim Techtop Motors Pte Ltd.

Through our strategic collaboration, Elektrim Techtop is committed to leveraging our collective expertise to deliver the highest quality motors and exceptional customer service on a global scale.

Our combined network’s capabilities enable us to operate in more than 20 countries, ensuring that we can consistently meet the needs of our valued customers. Our shared goal is to promote our Globalized Brand while providing Localized Service, and we are confident that this partnership will allow us to achieve new heights.