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Product Range

The production of Elektrim Motors is based on meeting the needs and ensuring the contentment of customers.
Our esteemed motors are expertly designed in Europe and professionally assembled in Singapore.

High Voltage Motors

SGD 20,888.00

Colour: Blue
Industries that require the movement of heavy loads or complex applications often use high voltage motors. These motors are a part of our extensive range of reliable and efficient industrial motors, suitable for use in cement plants, pump systems, mines, chemical, oil and gas industries, plant manufacturers and other users worldwide.

Elektrim Motors produces medium to high voltage asynchronous motors with nominal voltages ranging from 3,000V to 10,000V. We offer various electrical and mechanical designs, as well as different types of protection and cooling options. Our motors are designed for both mains and inverter operation and comply with the current standards EN60034, IEC60034, and ISO.

Frame Size: EM355 – EM710
Pole: 2P, 4P, 6P, 8P, 10P, 12P, 14P 16P
Efficiency: IE1 – IE3
Voltage: 3,000V – 10,000V
Frequency: 5Hz – 100Hz
Protection: IP55, IP65, IP56
Insulation: Class F / Class H
Running Duty: S1 Continuous Running
Cooling Method: Air Cooled (IC611, IC616, IC666) and Water Cooled (IC81W)